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Frequently Asked Questions

What will Sage Capital Advisors do for me?

At Sage, we believe successful investment management starts with clear and defined goals. Your team will listen and gain an understanding of the goals you have for your investments. Then we can develop your Sage Plan or provide you with Investment Guidelines that will clarify and provide a path to meet those goals. Once your plan is completed or reviewed, we will begin to manage and oversee your investments.

Describe the meeting process.

Our initial complimentary meeting is simply an introduction. You can expect that it will last one hour in person or via web conference. We will introduce you to your team and have the opportunity to learn about you and your family. During this meeting, we will discuss the goals you have for your wealth and review your investments, getting to know you and how you want to meet your goals.

My investments are in multiple accounts in various places, can you help me get organized?

Your team at Sage will consolidate and organize your investment accounts for ease of management and oversight. We have relationships with Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments and use them as custodians to provide transparency. If you have a different custodian in mind, we are able to accommodate most requests.

Why should I choose you instead of a large national firm?

At Sage we pride ourselves on our independence from the sales goals of large national firms. We are committed to you, our client and put your needs and objectives at the forefront of our firm.

Can you help me with my other financial matters?

We have built relationships with other professionals and firms that we work with and refer our clients to.

Will I be able to access my account online?

Yes. We have a client portal that you will be able to access to review your account and account documents.

What kinds of accounts do you manage?

We are able to manage most types of investment accounts for individuals, companies and non-profits.

What is your Investment Philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is to manage and oversee your investments by building you a portfolio that strives to meet the goals you have for your wealth. We build your portfolio to provide a risk adjusted return that seeks to provide you with downside protection and preservation of wealth in difficult markets.

How are you different than other firms?

We believe our service and investment management philosophy is what sets us apart. Transparency and putting our clients’ interests first and foremost are at the core of our company.

Can you help me manage my company retirement plan?

Yes, Sage is able to assist you in your fiduciary duty
to your company retirement plan investments and
investment oversight.

What are your fees?

We are a fee-only firm and our fees are based on assets under management. If you would like a copy of our fee schedule please let us know, we would be more than happy to provide you with one.

I don’t know Sage Capital Advisors, LLC that well, can I get a referral?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with referrals.

Is there an account minimum to work with you?

Our minimum account size is $300,000.

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