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We are a true wealth management firm for our clients. Rather than simply buying mutual funds on your behalf, we invest in individual issues that are unique to your goals and objectives using our proprietary due diligence investment process. 


But we don’t just invest your money. We are also a resource and advocate as you navigate your finances through life’s changes. Sage Capital is home to two highly qualified Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFAs®), which is one of the highest distinctions in the investment management industry. Our CFAs® are – to put it mildly – obsessed with investments, the economy, and making sure our clients meet their goals, so they are well-equipped to manage our clients’ portfolios.


Above all, we are a fiduciary, meaning that we act solely in the best interests of our clients. We have a duty to our clients that obligates us to put our clients’ interests ahead of our own and to always act in good faith. Our fiduciary capacity provides you with the extra peace of mind you need to be confident that your wealth management is in good hands.


We also work with a trusted network of other professionals, including CPAs, mortgage brokers, and attorneys, for which we are happy to make referrals. Although we’ll partner with any professionals on your team, we believe that collaborating with professionals who share our values and mutually invest in each other’s processes ensures efficiency and compatibility for your wealth management across the board.

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