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You've worked hard to build your wealth and have goals for it that are unique to you.  We take the time to learn about you and understand the specific needs and goals you have.  You gain confidence and attain peace of mind knowing you are working with a firm that believes managing your assets is a personal experience. 


Small Business Owners

For business owners, time is a scarce commodity. Business owners are actively building their company, running day-to-day operations, and investing in their team. As small business owners ourselves, we appreciate and understand the struggles and needs small business owners have in ways that larger firms never could. 

We help small business owners with:

  • Retirement plans

  • Trusts

  • Taxes

  • Business valuations

  • Other specialized needs

We offer both business and personal wealth management services for small business owners. Perhaps most importantly, we are sensitive to your time constraints, so working with us makes your life easier, not harder.


Women investors have been traditionally underserved in the wealth management industry. We are working to change this through targeted education and understanding of women’s needs in financial spaces. 

We help women investors with:

  • Financial education and decision-making

  • Balancing financial needs between career goals, family goals, and other goals

  • Retirement planning based on unique considerations such as life expectancy

As a wealth management firm with an experienced and knowledgeable female president, we are poised to value women’s strengths and help you gain confidence in your financial planning.

Native American Tribes

Native Americans are using their sovereignty to build a strong economic engine and better their communities. Native Americans and tribal entities have unique and complex needs when it comes to finances and investing.

We help tribal entities with:

  • Minors' trust investment programs

  • Tribal Investment Management

  • Tribal Retirement Plan Advisor

  • Investment Policy Development

  • Financial education workshops development and training

Over the years, we have built and tested processes that are designed for the exclusive needs of Native American communities. We are positioned to help this rising community take advantage of opportunities to care for future generations.

Trust Companies and Independent Trust Officers

Trust companies don’t always have in-house investment management platforms, so we offer investment management services specifically to trust companies and independent trust officers to help fill this gap. Our team has strong trust backgrounds, from special needs investment management to foundation investment management.

We help trust companies and independent trust officers:

  • Provide professional services and relationships to their clients

  • Assist with fiduciary duties such as the Drafting and Maintaining the Investment Policy Statement

  • Customized reports

Since we are independent, trust companies and independent trust officers can rest assured that we will not “poach” any of their clients. Instead, we are a dependable partner dedicated to caring for and cultivating trust relationships.

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Sage is a Registered Investment Advisor and qualifies as an Investment Manager under 3(38) of the Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA), under which we are a fiduciary. We help retirement plan sponsors and trustees with their fiduciary duty to always act in the best interest of the plan.

We help retirement plan sponsors:

  • Build the investment policy statement

  • Choose and monitor the investments

  • Provide quarterly reporting to meet the fiduciary duty to the plan

  • Become one point of contact so the plan runs smoothly and cost effectively

Retirement plan sponsors are always striving to meet their fiduciary and educational responsibilities. In addition to sharing this load, we can help retirement plan sponsors keep the costs of plans within appropriate ranges.

Centers of Influence

We partner with like-minded CPAs, mortgage brokers, and attorneys to develop mutually beneficial relationships and create trusted spheres of influence our clients can benefit from. We work to develop understandings of each other’s business models and generate efficient referral streams. When our clients know their trusted financial and legal professionals are working as a team, everyone benefits.

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