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Our team has more than 75 combined years of providing investment management and financial advice to tribal entities and is led by a Native American. As a fiduciary and fee-only firm, we operate free of conflicts of interest, commissions or sales goals and we don’t sell products, we provide solutions.

As you increase your economic development, the benefits you provide your community and team members increase. We’ve been a fiduciary from the start and are committed to always doing what is in our clients’ best interest. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders using our experience and knowledge in investment management and advisory services. Our flexible approach makes it possible to advise and manage assets according to your individual situation and goals. Our fees are clear cut. We have relationships with trusted custodians like Charles Schwab and Fidelity to provide you with transparency.


Over the past 20 years, we have developed and refined our capabilities to manage minors trust funds. We have relationships with custodians like Charles Schwab and Fidelity that allow us to build a program that meets your specific needs. We are truly independent and are able to customize your program while keeping up on current trends.


Our financial education materials and programs can provide your minors with the skills they’ll need to be financially independent.


As you grow economically, the benfits you provide take on more importance in keeping good employees. We can with you to provide fiduciary support for the investments in your Retirement Plan. As a 3(38) Fiduciary under ERISA, we commit to reviewing, managing, and reporting on the investments in your plan and provide you with the compliance and fiduciary information that your plan is responsible for.


Our team will sit down with you and listen to the goals and objectives you have for your community. Our flexible approach to your community and goals allow us to advise and manage your assets specific to your situation. We’ll build you an Investment Policy Statement that will provide a road map for your money that looks at today and tomorrow.


Using our in-house proprietary research and due diligence process, we seek to provide you with returns and protection as we invest to achieve the desired risk-
adjusted returns.


We have built our own financial education materials that can be customized to your community and your specific needs. We have programmed content for minors receiving trusts, adult's seeking financial education, seniors learning about fraud awareness, and general investment education programs. Our team loves to build custom programs and is able to engineer solutions to any community project that may arise. We want to help your membership grow and thrive. 

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