My passion is to build portfolios and develop lasting relationships with the clients whose assets they trust us to grow. As Director of Investments, I use my 20+ years of investment experience building personalized portfolios with our Chief Investment Officer to help our clients achieve their investment objectives.


I was drawn to SAGE Capital Advisors as their boutique nature also allows the opportunity to meet with our clients to give them the personal attention they desire and deserve.  Managing assets is enjoyable and thought provoking. Combining that with relationships fostered and the ability to speak directly to those that have trusted us with their wealth is very rewarding.


After three decades in the industry, I have the privilege of getting to know our clients and their families. I strive to ensure that each client receives great service and attention from their SAGE team.  With over 28 years in the financial services industry, and specifically in administering trusts and complex estates, I am able to be an advocate in searching for solutions to client needs.

I enjoy working in the San Diego Community and currently,  serve on the board of the San Diego Planned Giving Partnership group and the Executive Women’s Council at the University Club.


Travis is a member of the United Houma Nation of Louisiana. He has a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration of Financial Analytics and Business Strategy from Nicholls State University in Louisiana with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship.


Travis brings his managerial and project implementation skills to Sage Capital Advisors as Managing Director of the Houston Office, adding his strategic planning experience to the Tribal Division and Small and Medium Business Owners in the Gulf Coast.

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