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Native American Tribes

You face unique challenges and we built our Native American Division with your best interest in mind.  As a result, we can assist you in your duty to your community and membership.

Our team has more than 15 years providing investment services and financial management and advisory services to tribal entities. As your team, we provide solutions to the financial matters you face as a tribal government. We pride ourselves on our independence, which allows us to serve you free from conflicts of interest and sales goals.

As a fiduciary and fee-only firm, we focus on our duty and partner as you grow today and protect your assets for tomorrow.


Tribal Government

Tribal Investments

Our team will sit down with you and your financial team, build a Sage Plan and manage your investments to provide returns and protection for current programs and future generations.

Minors Trust Funds

Customized for your needs, we can create a strong minors trust fund investment program that will provide for individual accounting for each minor while pooling funds for efficient investing.

Retirement Plans

We will be part of your Retirement Plan Team and perform the following services as well as suggest enhancements or additional programs. 

  • Review Fees to ensure fair price for services
  • Bridge the gap between you and your providers
  • Prepare and oversee Investment Policy Statement and be a member of the Investment Committee
  • Provide your participants with a variety of investment choices and models that we will customize for your Plan 
  • Be onsite during enrollment and provide educational resources and teaching throughout the year.

Economic Development

Sage will assist you in your economic development plan providing business valuation as part of our services. Our team will research the economy and provide you with relevant information on the areas you wish to invest in.

Community Programs

Financial Education

We have more than 15 years teaching financial education in the Native Community. We have built our own materials and have the ability to customize them to address specific issues faced in your community.

Loan Programs

Our team loves to develop and build programs. We will work with you and provide our input and resources to assist you in various community projects that will help your membership grow and thrive