(858) 459-0172 info@sage-cap.com

DISCOVER: Where we learn about your financial needs and goals

  • Provide initial consultation to determine your specific needs
  • Collect all relevant financial data to form the total picture
  • Review the pros and cons of your existing strategy
  • Create initial draft of your Sage Plan

RECOMMEND: Where we finalize your plan

  • Introduce a strategic plan and/or Investment Policy Statement
  • Collaborate with any outside trust advisors (CPA, Estate Planning Attorney)
  • Create portfolio to provide needed cash flow
  • Define required growth rate and investment strategy to meet your goals

IMPLEMENT: Where we put your plan into place effectively

  • Ensure all accounts are titled properly
  • Transfer assets to trusted and secure custodians (Schwab/Fidelity)
  • Purchase or reallocate investments as needed
  • Maximize cost and tax effeciency

MONITOR: Where we keep track of all moving parts of your plan

  • Periodically provide performance reports and review goals
  • Track progress towards your goals
  • Update your plan and investments as necessary

COMMUNICATE: Where we convey your plans progress

  • Send newsletter with economic and market commentary
  • Proactively inform you of any material tax or strategy changes
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings to review your plan and portfolio
  • Host client events and be available to talk with you via phone, email or web conference