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Wealth Advisor

Your time is valuable and peace of mind for your wealth is important to you. We want to be part of the team of advisors you work with to manage your wealth; allowing you to focus on your life, not your money.

Our team can create your personal Sage Plan to act as a guide for you and your other financial professionals in attaining the goals and objectives you have for your wealth. Your Plan will review assets, income needs, return requirements, risk tolerances and timelines you have and be updated on a periodic basis.

Investment Manager

We create investment objectives for your portfolio, then we put our investment philosophy and process to work for you. At Sage, our goal is to design portfolios that provide superior risk-adjusted performance. Independent research helps us identify investments with healthy fundamentals priced below their long-term value. Our portfolios look for a combination of income and appreciation to provide an investment approach focused on maximizing total returns.

Personalized Independent Service

We pride ourselves on our independence and the ability it gives us to focus on you free from conflict of interest. If you have a financial need, we are we able to seek the best solutions for your needs, whether it’s a third party administrator for your retirement plan or in making the decision to sell your company. While we have relationships with Fidelity and Charles Schwab, our independence allows us to work with most custodians to manage your investments.

As a fee only firm and a fiduciary – we focus on your finances, not transactions – while using established custodians (Fidelity/Schwab) to provide transparency and investor protection. You receive statements directly from your custodian.


Your financial team wants you to be confident and knowledgeable about your finances. Our firm is structured to be accessible to our clients. We provide you with periodic reviews of your portfolio, our newsletter and access to the people you want to talk with in the firm about your portfolio. Whether that’s through a quick phone call, in person meetings are through email while you’re on the road.