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Business Owner

Financial Advisor

We understand the importance of building a team of advisors that allow you to focus on running your company because we are a small business. We also understand that you are busy creating and growing your wealth and don’t always have time to manage it. We want to become part of the professional team you use to manage your finances.

Our team can create your personal SAGE Plan to act as a guide in attaining the goals and objectives you have for your wealth, then we an manage your investments according to your plan.

Investment Manager

We put our investment philosophy to work for you. At SAGE, our primary goal is to design portfolios that provide superior risk-adjusted performance. Our independent research helps us identify investments with healthy fundamentals priced below their long-term value. Your portfolio will  look for a combination of income and appreciation to provide an investment approach focused on maximizing total returns.

Retirement Plans

Our team understands the investment advisory and administrative side of your retirement plan. We will evaluate your current plan, how it benefits your employees, their overall investment returns and third party capabilities. We are passionate cultivating your relationship with your participants empowering them through workshops with the education and knowledge they need to secure their financial future.

As an independent advisor, we seek the best third party plan administrators and custodians that provide diverse investment choices for your participants. We work with your fiduciary team and your investment committee to develop and manage the Investment Policy Statement that you offer.

Company Valuation

Company valuations are a critical part of successful business planning and making decisions regarding stock values, tax obligations, buying or selling and even securing additional sources of funding. Our team is able to provide an accurate and relevant valuation of your company to determine where you’ve been, where you are and how to make profitable decisions in the future.