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Diana Blair, President

I have a passion to serve our SAGE clients. When Matt and  I formed SAGE Capital in 2005 we had a vision to offer services based on a shared set of values that have become our SAGE Promise:  Integrity, Due-Diligence, Transparency and putting our clients best interests first and foremost. More than a decade later, our team continues to grow and our SAGE Promise is stronger than ever through our client services, education programs and client events. We are proud of our ability to serve our clients free from a corporate structure and our  team makes it their priority to provide comprehensive services, wisdom, and knowledge to serve our clients.  It makes me proud to work with a team of individuals who embrace the SAGE Promise and making a difference for our clients and our communities.

Matt Johnson, CIO

I have a deep commitment to the art and science of investment management. As the Chief Investment Officer for SAGE, I work diligently to successfully manage the investments in your portfolios. My SAGE Promise to you includes day to day management of your investments by lowering risk and purchasing value priced companies. I also author the SAGE Capital newsletter that clients and prospects receive. This newsletter is a resource that shares current market data and trends so you can be more informed as we discuss your portfolio. I am always available to talk; please feel free to connect with me if you have questions about your portfolio or need current market information.

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Jeremy Lund, CTO

As CTO, I manage all technology, operations, and systems to ensure they work together providing the data and networking capabilities that allows the firm to serve our clients. The technical training and experience I received supports finding and utilizing custom, current technology and platforms to create an efficient and effective SAGE process. We provide our clients service and support with current technology. Using that technology, I develop and maintain the customized reporting  and investment reviews that our clients use to monitor their assets.

Jan Ozenbaugh

Client Relations Manager – After three decades in the industry, I have the privilege of getting to know our clients and their families. I strive to ensure that each client receives great service and attention from their SAGE team.  With over 28 years in the financial services industry, and specifically in administering trusts and complex estates, I am able to be an advocate in searching for solutions to client needs.

I enjoy working in the San Diego Community and currently,  serve on the board of the San Diego Planned Giving Partnership group and the Executive Women’s Council at the University Club.

My husband, Stan and I have two adult children. Our daughter Anna lives in New York City  and our son Sam is studying at UC San Diego.  I enjoy traveling, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Tim Dyer

SAGE Advisor – Delivering our services and experience to you based on the SAGE Promise is my focus. Assisting clients accumulate wealth throughout the course of life’s journey is my sole purpose as a SAGE Advisor.

Travis Verdin, MBA

Houston Office, Director – I am passionate about entrepreneurship and working with small business owners to create and manage their personal and business wealth.  As a Native American, I am always available to assist Tribes  in managing and growing their economic development and creating community programs that assist them in further their independence.